The Best Pet-Friendly Cannabis Vacation Spots in Colorado

Chronic Therapy presents the best pet friendly cannabis vacation spots in Colorado

Call it the “trip” of a lifetime. Cannabis adventurers love to find the next exciting journey in anything cannabis-related. We all know that smoker who talks about getting a passport so they can go to Amsterdam. We all know the urge you get to stay the night at Joshua Tree or a fancy Bud and Breakfast. Cannabis tourism is at an all-time peak. Areas of Colorado, like Cortez or Wheat Ridge, are opening up their grandeur for tourists to see. We get it, you want to not only smoke some trees, but you want to climb some too. You especially want to bring your furry companions to play in Colorado. What good is bud without Air Bud? Pets are the best, and in this article, you will find out:


  •  Colorado offers many great opportunities for cannabis tourism.
  • Travelers can choose from cannabis-friendly Colorado hotels, charming bud & breakfast stays, and even some spectacular campsites.
  • Check to see how or if cannabis will be provided. If not, you might want to stock up before you leave Wheat Ridge or Cortez, because prices rise with elevation!

What’s the appeal of a cannabis vacation rental? 

Tourists who love cannabis have the thirst for a wonderful strain and wanderlust. Seeing incredible sights and experiencing outdoor life is something cannabis adventurers love to explore. They are always searching for the newest and freshest trail, mountain, bud, and breakfast, or any immersive indoor experience to heighten the high. You can’t expect people to be on the couch all day and find a pet sitter. Why not find a new adventure to enjoy your favorite cannabis product in? There are more and more options for you and your pets available, such as cannabis-friendly hotels, cannabis dog resorts, and trails. There is so much to be excited about in the world of cannabis travel.  

What Types of Cannabis Vacations There Are?

Cannabis enthusiasts have a reputation for creativity, so there’s certainly no shortage of opportunities for cannabis tourism. The great thing about these trips is that, like with cannabis itself, your experience can largely be whatever you make of it. Choose something that fits your personal style, with popular options including all of the following:


  • Cannabis-Friendly Hotels – As time goes on, we’re starting to see more and more hotels in Colorado that have friendly attitudes toward cannabis. This means you don’t have to be sneaky about it when you come back from the dispensary with a big haul. There may still be some restrictions about where you can smoke, so just make sure to check with the front desk to make sure you get to enjoy an uninterrupted experience. Since there are so many of these hotels, you will have a good chance of finding options in many different parts of the state.
  • Camping – Cannabis, and nature go together like cannabis and food (or cannabis and movies, or cannabis and music… you get the idea). For this reason, Mary Jane has long been considered one of the best camping companions. And if you’re not a fan of sleeping on the ground, you may be more interested in a more glamorous version of the camping experience, also known as “glamping.”
  • Bud & Breakfasts – If you’re looking for something a little bit more cozy, sophisticated, and intimate than you can get at a hotel, a bud & breakfast might be just what you’re looking for. This is just what it sounds like: a cannabis-friendly version of the bed and breakfast.

How to Book Your Trip

Booking your trip is simple. In some cases, the reservation process may be slightly more detailed than it would be at a traditional hotel. For example, some locations may ask you to provide an image of your photo ID or something similar. Other than that, there really isn’t much to it besides choosing the perfect spot!

The Best Pet-Friendly Cannabis Vacations in Colorado

Members of the cannabis community love to share information with each other. If you’re connected with online communities or friends who travel, you’ll likely hear about new places as they crop up. For now, here are a few of our favorites:


CannaVenture, founded in 2015, is located in Broomfield, Colorado, and is a superb hub of exciting cannabis trips curated to fit you and your dog’s needs. Open to those 21 and over, CannaVenture is an event-planning service centered around the best aspects of the outdoors, cannabis and community. Their motto is “the right to hike high” and they host sporting events, hikes, campouts, and even music festivals to break the stereotype about who uses cannabis. With events like Discs ‘n Dabs, or their nature hikes, it is easy to have fun with new friends and your furry ones.


Visit their Facebook page, join their email list or go on the website to begin your adventure. CannaVenture® Events – CannaVenture® 

Glam Camp at Rustic River Cabins

This location near Estes Park offers a cluster of cabins that were built in the 1940s. It’s the perfect way to have a rustic experience for people who don’t want to sleep in a tent. There are lots of places to walk your dog on the surrounding trails, and you’re allowed to smoke on the property as long as you don’t do so inside your cabin.

Adagio Bud & Breakfast

This charming bed and breakfast in Denver offer a 420-friendly private “Garagio” lounge area. Once you’re feeling ready to explore, head out to the nearby parks, botanic gardens, museums, and art venues. Since it’s in Denver, there are also plenty of dining and shopping opportunities.

CanyonSide Campground

This campground near Fort Collins takes a lot of pride in being 420-friendly. They even go so far as to offer cannabis concierge services and an introductory class for people who are relatively new to the experience. This is ideal for guests who are visiting from other states and want to learn about vapes, glass, and some key Colorado cannabis laws. Those who are already familiar with the basics are welcome to stock up on supplies before they arrive.

Other Places in Colorado to Consider

As you look for cannabis-friendly, dog-friendly vacation spots in Colorado, you might also want to check out the following:


  • Air BnBs and Similar Rentals – Booking a place from a private renter is a great way to find a unique and memorable space. The listing will let you know if pets and cannabis are allowed.
  • Blue Sky Mountain Ranch – There is an extra fee for pets, but this is a memorable location for those who are looking to splurge.
  • Look Online – Places like will help you find hotels as well as experiences. Just make sure pets are allowed at the one you select.

Preparing for Your Cannabis Tourism

Before you visit cannabis-friendly Colorado hotels with pet-friendly accommodations, check to see if cannabis will be provided for you. In some cases, there may be some left from previous guests or “gifted” to you by the owner. In other cases, though, there may be additional charges or you may be directed to a dispensary. That’s when you can save a lot of money by visiting Chronic Therapy before you go!


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