The 5 Strongest Cannabis Strains at Chronic Therapy

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People often think of the most potent strains of marijuana as reserved for the truly hardcore smokers. But with so many ailments responding positively to THC, often they’re people dealing with chronic pain or depression. If you’re wondering about the top strains to try from Chronic Therapy, here are our five strongest strains measured by THC content.

Goji OG

Featuring a THC content of just under 30 percent, this Sativa-dominant hybrid strain is sure to make you feel energized and focused. A cross between Snow Lotus and Nepali OG, this strain contains hints of the berry from which it gets its name. Although not recommended for new users, Goji OG is useful for treating mental ails ranging from Alzheimer’s and bipolar disorder to depression and anorexia.

303 Kush

This Indica hybrid is a cross between Bubba Kush and ChemDawg. With every exhale, 303 Kush has a pungent aroma with an earthy smell with hints of chocolate or coffee. The buzz can insight creativity and spark more social behavior. Containing about 27 percent THC content, this happy euphoria is said to help with depression, anxiety, and other stress disorders.

Lemon Chem

While not as powerful as Goji OG, this Sativa-dominant hybrid still weighs in at a respectable 24 percent THC. While the strong diesel chem and citrus flavors can make you feel like you’re smoking floor cleaner, the relaxed but alert sensation of Lemon Chem is addicting. While not recommended for those with anxiety, this wake-and-bake favorite is perfect for mood swings, depression, and chronic pain.

Beast Mode Kush

This potent strain offers both Indica and Sativa effects. Giving you a strong and mighty push, the hybrid was named Beast Mode after NFL player, Marshawn Lynch. With uplifting and energetic factors, the amplified strain possesses a piney aroma and is a perfect stress fighter. As an OG-dominant hybrid, Beast Mode Kush is a very strong strain with a name to match.


As a California Orange and skunk hybrid, this citrus flower is best smoked in the daytime. It has a 28 percent THC content and provides an uplifting, creative, and energetic experience. Tangie would be a great choice for those who have a sweet teeth and don’t like to smoke earthy flavors.

Top Strains to Try at Chronic Therapy

In addition to the strains listed above, Chronic Therapy has a constantly evolving list of new cannabis strains. Not every client is the same, so our budtenders can help you decide whether buds, edibles, topicals, or concentrates such as shatter or wax are right for you. We have dispensaries in Wheat Ridge and Cortez, or you can check out our weekly dispensary menu online.
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