Strain Spotlight: Extreme Cream


Extreme Cream is quickly becoming one of the most popular strains in Colorado. Developed by the cannabis experts at Exotic Genetix, this hard-hitting indica makes for a good end of the day smoke. Customers who have tried Extreme Cream love its ability to create a heightened experience of classic indica effects thanks to a high THC potency.

What Is Extreme Cream?

Extreme Cream is a cross between Extreme OG & Cookies and Cream. Both of those buds are incredible in their own right. Cookies and Cream has also been taking the cannabis world by storm recently, and we expect that Extreme OG will be extremely popular soon.

Exotic Genetix is responsible for cultivating Extreme Cream as well as both of its parent strains. In other words, Extreme Cream is the product of several years of work from this legendary cannabis breeder. Exotic Genetics is based in Washington state, but their products are garnering attention all over the world.

Exotic Cannabis is a Cannabis Cup Champion, and it’s hard to imagine a breeder who deserves that distinction more. They treat every strain they create like a work of art, and it shows. Extreme Cream will blow you away with every aspect of its essence. The appearance, smell, taste, and effect all combine to make this flower one of the best in the world.

What to Expect From Extreme Cream – Appearance and Smell

The first thing you’ll notice about Extreme Cream is the pungent, funky aroma it brings to the table. You might be able to smell this bud before you can see it– luckily, it’s a satisfying scent. You might pick up sweet, creamy, buttery notes in addition to an earthy pine background.

This bud looks just as appetizing as it smells. You might find noticeable purple colas on these buds, and it’s covered with a thick dusting of trichomes. This sticky, sparkling bud looks and feels like it’s going to be a powerful smoke, and it absolutely is.

Extreme Cream Effects

When you imagine a potent indica that can erase stress and make your entire body feel like jelly, there’s a good chance you’re thinking about Extreme Cream. Even a small amount of Extreme Cream will help you feel relaxed, hungry, and uplifted. A heavier dose will leave you planted in the couch for quite some time, which means this a good nighttime smoke for anyone that has trouble relaxing or going to sleep.

Extreme Cream can elevate mood enough to relax the mind and enable easier conversation, especially if the customer is especially anxious. That said, this is normally not the right bud for daytime activities or anything that requires a lot of energy or concentration. The only exception to that is generally for people who use small doses to address debilitating anxiety.

As reported by people who have used Extreme Cream, here are some of the most common benefits:

  • Relaxation – This is by far the biggest effect of Extreme Cream. It will ease physical tightness throughout the entire body– it can make consumers feel like they’ve just had a massage. Aches and pains melt away like butter in a skillet.
  • Enhanced Mood – This strain helps people feel happy, and even totally euphoric at times. Customers who feel stressed and depressed often seek out this powerful indica for an uplifting boost.
  • Sleepiness – Many people put Extreme Cream on the shortlist for strains that can combat insomnia.
  • Appetite Restoration – Extreme Cream can make you feel relaxed in a hurry, but you’ll want a bedtime snack before you call it a night.


Where to Buy Extreme Cream CO

We at Chronic Therapy are proud to keep a wide variety of the world’s leading strains in stock, including Extreme Cream. Our experienced budtenders will answer any questions you have and help you determine if it’s the right flower for you. Come give it a sniff today!

Image Credit: HubbardSteve