2018’s Most Popular Cannabis Strains in Colorado

2018’s Most Popular Cannabis Strains in Colorado

Colorado is at the forefront of the nation when it comes to availability of medical and recreational cannabis. It only makes sense that aficionados would look to the Centennial State for the latest and greatest in marijuana strains. Here are the local picks for the year’s top strains in Colorado.

Cookies and Cream

This strain is a hybrid of Starfighter and a Girl Scout Cookie phenotype. Fans of the hybrid appreciate its sweet vanilla yet earthy scent and physical pain-relieving abilities. Cookies and Cream is also used for mental discomfort such as depression and stress, and can induce an early night’s sleep to help treat insomnia.

Girl Scout Cookies

Also known as GSC, this strain is prevalent throughout the state and worldwide for its full body relaxation and its ability to treat severe nausea, chronic pain, insomnia and loss of appetite. Girl Scout Cookies was first grown in California and has been honored with numerous Cannabis Cup awards. Fans of GSC love its intense, flowery aroma and happy, talkative mood.

Golden Goat

This Sativa-dominant hybrid is prized for its THC level of up to 23 percent, which creates strong and long-lasting effects. Hailing from Topeka, Golden Goat has a tropical, fruity aroma and flavor. Its relaxing, euphoric energy makes it appropriate for daytime relief of pain, stress, and anxiety.


The strain derives from a cross of California Orange and a Skunk hybrid. As noted in its origin, the refreshing tangerine aroma provides euphoric and relaxed effects. We even won a grow off with this popular citrus strain.

Lemon Chem

The uplifting, mood-alerting effects of this hybrid make it one of the most popular strains for Colorado enthusiasts. Lemon Chem is created from a combination of Chemdawg and Larry OG strains. Notable for its sweet yet sour flavor and ability to relieve physical discomfort without sedating, fans say the citrus taste helps them stay alert and active.

New York City Diesel

Soma Sacred Seeds is the creator of this urban favorite, which also has many fans in Colorado. New York City Diesel is a 60 percent Sativa-dominant hybrid with mood-boosting effects, combining intense relaxation with cerebral focus. You’ll love the strong, fruity aroma and its ability to lift anxiety and depression without the side effect of paranoia.
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